Because a website is often the first point of introduction to a new business for many consumers, it is essential to take into consideration the type of device that a potential customer may be using to browse your website. If they arrive at a website that doesn’t respond to the screen-size of their device, the site may display in such a way that it requires users to scroll and zoom to view a page, read content, and click on navigation menu links. This can create a negative user experience and potentially diminish the credibility of your business online.

What is a Responsive Website?

Gone are the days when we designed and developed websites for just desktop computers. With the increased popularity and convenience of hand-held devices, statistics indicate that mobile and tablet internet usage now surpasses desktop computer internet usage. As a result, smartphones and tablets have changed the approach toward web design and user experience. Responsive websites are built to seamlessly adjust to any device, no matter whether you’re viewing it on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

The team at Mid America Web Solutions are experts when it comes to responsive web design. We prioritize developing websites that provide the best user experience no matter the device. We’re here to help move our web customers into the mobile age, providing support during every step of the transition and saving our customers a lot of valuable time and money.

Using the power of WordPress, fluid images, flexible grids and jQuery plugins, we build responsive websites that beautifully display and are compatible with a wide range of devices and brands, including all popular smartphones and tablets. Our responsive designs are aesthetically pleasing, user friendly and contain sleek features such as sticky navigation menus, CSS3 animations, sliders, mobile headers, mobile menus and adaptive images. We make sure that users on-the-go can access your website easily and as fast as on a desktop computer screen. Our mobile-first approach will help you seize the opportunity to stand out from your competitors with a responsive website that enhances your online presence and allows you to succeed in reaching your goals.


Why is a Responsive Website Valuable to Businesses?


Consumers who shop online using smartphones


Customers who use multiple devices to find a local business


Mobile searches that lead to an action within an hour


Users who will leave a website if not mobile friendly

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Cost Effective
Increase Customer Reach
One Website Built for Many Devices
Easier to Manage & Update
Future Proof
Improved User Experience
Recommended by Google
Increased Sales & Conversion Rates
Increased Visibility in Search Engines

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