Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making a website and business as visible and prominent as possible in search engine & local map results. With professional and effective SEO, a business will be seen by users searching for products or services offered locally to their area. This will help a website gain more targeted user traffic and allow a business to increase sales.

When launching a new website, it is important to make online consumers aware of it’s existence. SEO is one of the most important components of marketing a website. Without it, a new website will be practically invisible to potential consumers. Statistics indicate that approximately 81% of consumers search online before buying. If your website is not visible in search results, you might be losing out on valuable business opportunities.

Mid America Web Solutions utilizes the latest and most effective local and organic SEO strategies to increase the visibility of a website to users in your targeted markets. As a result of our services, you will see the following:

  • Increase the chances of your website being found by local consumers searching for your services in search engines
  • Increase brand awareness in your targeted service areas
  • Long term growth and organic search visibility
  • Increased leads/prospects coming from search engines
  • Business location visibility in local map results
  • Increase in online customer reviews
  • Consistent business data in the most prominent online directories

Why is SEO Important?


It’s vital for your business to be found in Google, Bing and Yahoo organic search results and maps if you are a local business. It’s now the most common way that consumers find local businesses and has far surpassed old media such as print yellow pages and other phonebooks.

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term strategy that is used to gain more website traffic and online visibility for your brand in major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Online competition is fierce, making SEO a constant moving target. It is also a not a one-time fix, but rather a process that needs to be continuously monitored and enhanced over the long-term as search engines are constantly changing and evolving their guidelines.

All of our SEO work is done in-house and includes detailed reports and analysis, ensuring that you will always know exactly how your campaign is performing.

Get the facts and learn more about how SEO can help your company’s online presence


Website traffic generated from search engines


Local searchers who follow up with a phone call or visit to your business location


Americans who have substituted the Internet and local search for phone books


Customers who say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews

Local SEO Case Studies

See how we help our clients gain more traffic and leads

HSS Client

Human Support Services

In time period of six months, Mid America Web Solutions was able to:

  • Increase overall organic search traffic sessions
  • Increase organic mobile search traffic sessions
  • Increase organic traffic sessions from city of location (Waterloo, IL)
  • Decrease bounce rate of website blog

Organic Search Traffic - Increase


Organic Traffic From Local City - Increase


Mobile Organic Search Traffic - Increase


Website Blog Bounce Rate - Decrease

Hancock Irrigation SEO Client

Hancock Irrigation

In the period of January – August 2017, Mid America Web Solutions was able to accomplish the following in comparison to the same period in 2016.

  • Increase overall organic search traffic sessions
  • Increase organic search traffic sessions from Google
  • Increase organic mobile search traffic sessions
  • Increase organic traffic sessions from targeted market (Belleville, IL)

Overall Organic Search Traffic - Increase


Mobile Organic Search Traffic - Increase


Organic Search Traffic from Google - Increase


Organic Traffic From Targeted Market (Belleville, IL) - Increase


Environmental Resources, Inc.

In the period of January – September 2017, Mid America Web Solutions was able to accomplish the following in comparison to the previous nine months.

  • Increase overall organic search traffic sessions
  • Increase organic search traffic sessions from Google
  • Increase organic mobile search traffic sessions
  • Increase organic traffic sessions from targeted market (St. Louis, MO)

Overall Organic Search Traffic - Increase


Mobile Organic Search Traffic - Increase


Organic Search Traffic from Google - Increase


Organic Traffic From Targeted Market (St. Louis, MO) - Increase

How Our SEO Service Works

On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO is important part of the overall SEO process. It involves the enhancement of specific technical elements of your website to help search engines understand the topic and contents of your pages. This includes important factors such as unique page titles, heading tags, optimizing links and navigation structure, adding schema markup and setting up a blog to periodically add fresh content. We also optimize your existing website content through strategic keyword placement and internal link building.

On-Site SEO can be viewed as the foundation of any website. It helps visitors find information they are looking for, and it helps search engine crawlers determine what your website is all about.


Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of enhancing the online visibility of a business within the town or city it is located in. Business listings in the Google and Bing search engines are an integral part of Local SEO. Information from these listings will show up in search engine results when performing “near me” searches; such as your business name, address, phone number, hours of operation, website link, photos, and ratings/reviews. Your business information will also appear in map results; which helps customers get directions to your location.

As part of our Local SEO services, we claim your business listings in Google and Bing and make sure they display accurate information. We also enhance local listings with your logo, photos and other important details. These listings are crucial in generating local leads for small to medium sized businesses. Think of local listings in Google and Bing as the modern day, internet version of the phonebook. Local listings are highly visible in search results when set up correctly.

One major benefit of an effective Local SEO strategy is an increase in both local brand presence and local traffic. Local traffic is customers who are willing to visit your business location. This allows you to make your sales pitch to them in person and build an important business relationship with them.


Organic SEO

Organic SEO involves generating content and new pages for your website in an effort to make it visible in organic search results for location specific keywords. Organic SEO is useful for businesses who want to target customers in specific cities outside of their physical location. Each of your targeted markets will have their own “service area page” within your website. Over time, these new pages will gradually build visibility and ranking authority in search engines. This will help users find your website when searching for your services in or near their location; within your targeted markets.

Organic SEO can often be the most time-consuming and labor intensive aspect of an SEO campaign and may require a significant amount of time to become fully effective. It takes time for a website along with it’s pages to gain authority and relevancy from search engines, which makes organic SEO a long-term process with no end.


Business Listing Management

Online directory websites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, or Manta contain listings that display information for local businesses. These listings display the business name, address and phone number along with additional info such as hours of operation, website links, photos, and business categories. Search engines use the information displayed in these online directories as a reference to validate legitimacy of your business and verify it’s location in a particular geographical area. Often times the information displayed in these directories is inaccurate, outdated or duplicated, which can damage the online reputation of your business and negatively affect your search engine visibility. Consistent information in online listings is a key factor in local search visibility.

We perform a detailed audit of your business listings to review which directories you are visible and accurate on, and which are opportunities to update. Once we identify opportunity sites, we are able to update and enhance your business profiles on the most prominent directory websites.

Click Here to request an audit of your local search presence


Reputation Management & Online Review Monitoring

We actively monitor business reviews written by customers across prominent sites, including Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp. We notify you when any new reviews are posted, allowing you to know exactly what customers are saying at all times. We also help with crafting responses to any customer reviews. Actively responding to customer feedback helps boost your online reputation and local engagement.

It is important for local businesses to encourage customers to leave reviews online. Search engines like Google factor in the number of reviews for a business when ranking websites in their search results. The more reviews you have the higher your website may potentially rank in Google.

Review Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results?

Individual results are primarily based on market competition and chosen keywords. It also depends on your website’s situation and overall online presence prior to us starting work on your SEO campaign. Some businesses see results in 6 months or less while others may take up to 12 months.

Is Organic SEO cheaper than PPC?

Yes, Organic SEO provides much greater long term value. PPC is a short term quick method to obtain more traffic to your website but you’ll have to always pay for it. Organic SEO takes time but generates authority for your website and long term growth.

Long term growth and organic visibility stays with the website as long as it is online, whereas PPC comes and goes depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

Do you provide a guarantee?

We guarantee that you’ll see improvement in your search engine rankings and organic website traffic. How much improvement will always depend on your industry and competition in your chosen market(s). We perform a thorough analysis to provide our clients with a timeframe of when to expect to see results. SEO involves a lot of tweaking and time investment to obtain results for each industry. We make it a priority to communicate with our clients at all times to keep them informed of of our progress. 100% transparency is the key to a successful relationship with our SEO clients.

Do you lock clients into contracts?

NO! The reason is simple, if we’re not getting the results you deserve, then why should you continue to pay for a service that isn’t working?

For this reason, we do month to month contracts from the start of an SEO campaign. You can cancel at anytime. But we can guarantee you that the results you start seeing will put you at ease to know that you’re seeing ROI as a result of our services.

SEO Plans & Pricing

Each Plan includes SEO services for 1 business location. Plan pricing may vary for multiple business locations.

No Contract or Setup Fee Required

**Website Content Updates Include: Text, PDF documents, Photo Galleries, Event Calendars, Promotions / Coupons

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