Web Analytics

Mid America Web Solutions provides Google Analytics tracking, reporting and data analysis services to inform and educate our website clients as to how well their website is performing online. Installed on all of our hosted websites, Google Analytics is a free tool that provides statistical data and metrics that allow us to accurately track the following information:

  • The number of visits your website is receiving
  • Where your users are coming from to find you
  • Which pages are being viewed the most
  • Referral traffic to your website from other websites
  • The devices your customers are using to view your website

This data will help you accurately gauge the true value of the visitors that your website is receiving. This is useful in helping you to understand your website’s strengths and deficiencies and what your next course of action needs to be make improvements. Google Analytics is also an important marketing tool and core component to developing and maintaining an effective online marketing strategy. In order to formulate an effective digital marketing strategy, you need to first understand where your website traffic is coming from, what search engines were used and what keywords were searched to find you.

Our Google Analytics reporting services will help you gain a clear understanding of your website’s performance, online marketing campaigns and traffic conversions. We also help break down the data and provide recommendations for improvements of your online efforts. This will help you focus on how you can optimize your online presence as well as allowing you to be informed and efficient in analyzing your website’s success and opportunities.


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