Facebook Landing Pages

Facebook LogoMid America Web can offer you a custom Facebook Landing Page Design that resembles the look of your website and the branding of your business. A Facebook Landing Page will encourage users to “like” your Facebook business profile when “landing” upon it. It is typically recommended to place a link to your Facebook page from your website, which will drive traffic to your business profile and allow users to learn more information about the services that you provide as well as any specials or promotions that you may be offering.

Here is an example of how the Landing Page design process works:

  1. The client will first need to establish a Facebook business profile.
  2. Mid America Web will design a Landing Page “concept”, which will incorporate the logo and branding of your business.
  3. Following approval of the concept, we will integrate and code the concept into your Facebook business profile.
  4. We will also setup the Facebook Timeline Cover Art and logo.

Facebook Landing Page DesignFollowing the setup and integration process, this will become the first page that a user will see when being directed from a link on your website. With Facebook having over 500 million active users,the potential for viral marketing is unlimited! Any time a user “likes” your page, your logo and company name will be directly posted on that specific user’s “news feed”. This in turn means that every Facebook friend of that particular user will have the potential of seeing your business profile. The chain of Facebook likes can grow exponentially with exposure.

*Added bonus: If you are a current website client of Mid America Web, we have the ability to accurately track the amount of traffic being driven from your Facebook page to your website!