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Mid America Web Solutions is the St. Louis area's "one-stop-shop” providing services on every aspect of website development
and helping local businesses launch, manage and grow their online presence with confidence.

About Mid America Web Solutions

When it comes to developing a website for your business, it is important to hire a professional web design company with the proper skills, expertise and experience to help take your online presence to the next level. If you are seeking a local company that provides web design services to the St. Louis, Missouri area with these attributes, Mid America Web Solutions is the perfect fit for you! Our company has been providing a wide variety of web and internet services to businesses and organizations throughout the St. Louis metro area since 1997. We are a locally owned and operated company in Belleville, IL just a few minutes east of downtown St. Louis, MO.

Our staff of website developers has years of experience in the web design and internet marketing industry. This, combined with our skill level, has made us the web design company of choice for a large range of local industry types including local law firms, retailers, schools, villages/townships, and government entities. We have worked with some of the largest and most well-known clients in the St. Louis Metro area and Southern Illinois region and have gained their confidence and trust with our superior customer service and quality work.

Why Mid America Web Solutions?

We devote time in getting to know you and gain an understanding of your business and how it works. This is an important initial first step when laying the groundwork for any potential new website project. Because all of our sites are custom built, you are guaranteed to receive a completed product that is totally unique to you and branded in accordance with the look and feel of your company.

We understand that it can often be quite challenging to articulate and describe exactly how you would like your new website to look and function. No need to worry, we have a strong team of experienced web designers and developers that are very good at visualizing exactly what the client would like to see from a website. We will work closely with you to make your vision become a reality and offer our expertise and professional advise along the way to guide you along the right path.

Mid America Web Solutions uses a “mobile-first” website development approach. Because consumers now use multiple devices to browse the web and search for services local to their area, it is vitally important these days to have a website that is properly optimized to function seamlessly with all types of portable devices. If your business lacks a website that is optimized for the needs of mobile device users, you could be missing out on a golden opportunity to expand your business online and reach a larger customer base. We are the area’s experts in Responsive and Mobile Website Development and can help move your company’s online presence into the mobile age.

Websites For Businesses Of All Sizes

One of the biggest problems many small businesses in the St. Louis area face these days is the lack of an online presence. In the modern digital age, not having a website to represent your brand online means that you will struggle to find leads and grow your client base. Consumers no longer rely on the use of phone books and other print advertising materials to research and find local businesses. They instead go directly online to Google and other search engines to find local service providers who are best equipped to serve their needs. From there a consumers' decision making will be influenced by your online reviews, the quality of your website, and the accuracy of your contact information. If your small business isn't visible along with your direct competitors online, you may be missing out on valuable prospects.

Mid America Web Solutions offers a trio of website packages suited to fit the needs of busy small business owners and startups who need to have a website built quickly in order to start marketing their services online. These packages, known as our "Turn-Key" website plans, are a perfect way to help get you started with a quality online presence at an affordable cost. Our Turn-Key website plans are built using quality developed, in-house website themes and utilize the latest technology to make sure they are built and optimized to function properly on mobile devices.

Successful Online Marketing Solutions

Mid America Web Solutions offers a wide range of online marketing services to help promote your products, services, and brand to countless potential consumers. Online customers use a variety of methods to seek out and evaluate local businesses. Some use search engines like Google, while others may browse social media websites. Having a website that is highly visible in search engines and prominent local online directories is one of the most successful methods of marketing your business and converting users to sales. It also allows you to compete directly with your competitors. We utilize the latest strategic methods to help your business gain better visibility online to local consumers who are in need of your services. Whether it is Search Engine Optimization or Email Marketing, we have a successful track record of helping our clients achieve their marketing objectives.

If you are finding that your website is underperforming in search engines, receiving minimal user traffic, or not converting users to sales, we would be happy to help! In order to diagnose and help fix these problems, we would start with a comprehensive audit of your website’s situation along with your overall online presence. From there, we would offer a customized online marketing solution based on our recommendations. Our goal is to help your business succeed in capturing users who convert to prospects. Conversions are the true indicator of a successful online marketing campaign.

Client Reviews

by Thomas Q. Keefe, Jr. - Keefe & Keefe P.C. on Blank Business Name

We worked with Mid America Web Solutions to create a new website for our law firm. They made the process very simple and did a fabulous job. They are creative, energetic, and very knowledgeable in the area of website design. We could not have been more pleased with our experience. We would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to create a presence on the web.

by Roxanne Gregory - The Robert Gregory Law Firm on Blank Business Name

A huge thank you to Laura Griffith and Michael Monken at Mid America Web Solutions for a ‘ground up’ redesign of our office website. Laura and Michael made this process almost painless and we are ridiculously proud of it. Thank you for all of your hard work, Laura and Mike!

by Roger Relfe - University Financial Solutions on Blank Business Name

Kudos to Laura and her team for achieving the results we required well within a one month deadline we had established. We would highly recommend her, and her team, if you are considering creating a website, as there are many “trip wires” in the process that we would have never thought to ask by using other options available on the internet and elsewhere!

by Mary Kruta - Kruta Bakery on Blank Business Name

Our business worked with Laura Griffith at Mid America Web. She was a breeze to work with, she obviously loves what she does! She patiently walked us through all of the ins and outs of setting up our site. I like the fact that she came to our store to see what we do so that she could get a “feel” for us and how we do business. I think that the extra time she spent doing that is really reflected in the way she designed our site. I was nervous a few times about a few things, and she was able to explain in a non-techy way what was needed and how to accomplish our goals.We have had great reviews from our customers on the ease of using our site, and they love the graphics and pictures.

by Karen Neff - Harter, Larson & Dodd on Blank Business Name

As we approach six months with our website, I want to let you know that we are very pleased with our fresh new look! We continue to receive comments about what a great and friendly website we have. We appreciate that you helped us achieve the goal.From our initial meeting with you and Amy Yan to this very day, it has been a pleasant experience working with Mid America Web Solutions. Our office took a slow and contemplative approach in proceeding with the project, and subsequently provding site content to you. I appreciate your patience, explanations, and suggestions along the way, as well as your listening and understanding the needs and desires or our law office. We arrived at a design that is perfectly suited for us!During the development of our website, it was very easy to communicate with you via email or phone. Your prompt responses were, and continue to be, a welcome part of our working relationship. The individualized thorough website management training prior to launching the site was extremely helpful. Of course, I did not retain everything from that day of instruction, so I appreciate being able to contact you at any time with my quandaries. Our law firm hopes to expand in other areas of the website in the future, and I know we can count on you to guide us through the steps when we are ready.”We love our recently-created web design, and thank you for getting us there!

by Angel Edson - Belleville Parks & Recreation Department on Blank Business Name

In May of 2012, The City of Belleville Parks and Recreation Department launched its new website developed by Mid America Web Solutions. Our Web Designer, Michael Monken and the team at Mid America understood our department’s needs and worked hard to ensure that they were met. We were extremely pleased with both the visual and content design. The site is easy to navigate for the public and has been well received. Due to the hands-on training and open communication with Mr. Monken, we have experienced no difficulty maintaining the website ourselves since our launch. Their willingness to go above and beyond has made it truly a pleasure working with them.

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