Website Hosting

If you’re going online with your business or organization, you will need a place to house your website for the world to see. You will also want your brand new website operating at full speed. We provide high quality website hosting services that are safe, secure, reliable and fast! We host our websites on in-house virtual servers, which assure optimal up-time, security and reliability at minimum cost to our customers. This provides you with peace of mind in knowing that your data is safe and secure at all times.

Why host with Mid America Web Solutions?

Our secure servers provide both the speed and reliability that you are seeking. Our hosting packages are customized to the individual requirements of your company’s website. We take into account potential traffic of the website, the size of the space needed and if any additional features (such as SSL certificates or MySQL databases) are required. Our robust in-house virtual servers are home to a diverse variety of businesses, schools, organizations and government entities.

Web Hosting

Website Hosting Included Services

Support provided by a dedicated server technician and on-site web developers


WordPress Core Updates

WordPress releases frequent updates to their core files to ensure maximum security and stability. We install the latest updates to your WordPress website upon release and make sure everything is functioning properly once completed. WordPress is just like any other form of software and needs to be kept current with the latest version to avoid security vulnerabilities.

WordPress Theme Updates

The base theme and framework we use to build the layout and design of your website periodically needs to be updated to guarantee maximum security and compatibility and with the latest version of WordPress. On occasion, theme updates will also include feature additions or enhancements that can be made to your website.

WordPress Plugin Updates

WordPress plugins power all of the necessary features and functions of your website. Frequent updates are released for plugins to ensure maximum security and compatibility with the latest version of WordPress. We make sure these plugins are updated at all times in order to keep your website functioning properly. Includes identification of any plugin compatibility issues that may occur.

Daily Website Backups

Your entire WordPress website, along with all of its pieces, parts and database is automatically backed up safely, securely and daily! If something untoward occurs, your website will be restored quickly and easily. Automated backups of your entire site aid in any needed restorations.

Performance & Up-time Monitoring

Our monitoring of your website’s up-time and performance will give you peace of mind. We keep a watchful eye on all of our hosted websites and will be the first to know if any issues or service interruptions occur. If something does go wrong, we know about it and can take appropriate action quickly.

Security Monitoring & Vulnerability Protection

Constant security monitoring ensures that your website is protected from any possible exploits or hacking attempts. Security monitoring is also key to protecting your users and the reputation of your business. In the unlikely event that your site is compromised, it will be dealt with and cleaned up quickly.

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