Contemplating whether or not to purchase a website for your business? Does having a website generate as much revenue to justify the cost? Here are several reasons why having a website is a good idea:

Legitimacy – Let people know who you are, where you’re located and what services and/or products you provide. By having information about your business available online through your website, you will be promoting and verifying what you do to the masses. Testimonials can also enhance accreditation for your business.

Cost Effectiveness – Your website is a low-cost advertising media when compared to the cost of traditional advertising methods such as direct mail, newspapers, magazine ads, radio and television. Free social media tools (Facebook and Twitter) are available as well to assist with online advertising. Of course, there are paid for advertising methods that may be more cost-effective than the traditional print media methods, just to name a few:

    a) Pay-Per-Click Advertising
    b) Search Engine Optimization
    c)E-mail Marketing

Broadening Your Customer Base

    – You can use the internet to expand your business to a great number of potential customers locally, regionally and nationally. By having a website you can also inform viewers of new services, products and general information. There are 239 MILLION people (75.6% of the total world population) who will use the internet in 2013. With a website, this is your potential customer base.

Branding and Identity Cohesion

    – Everyone recognizes the marks of big box companies such as McDonalds, Nike and Pepsi.


If course, these companies have millions of dollars to spend on advertising.  However, there are affordable venues where small businesses can apply the same branding and identity principals: company websites, social media business profiles, local chamber of commerce associations, billboards, fleet or company cars as advertising space, circulars, direct mail, promotional products, etc., etc.


Connectivity – Once you have a website, there are still many free avenues to advertise your business and connect with potential clients:

    a) Facebook – Advertise to both home users and businesses.
    b) LinkedIn – Advertise to business professionals here.
    c) YouTube – Advertise videos about your business and your services here.


These are just a few social media platforms that are all free to set up an account and connect with others. It’s best to have a website completed that showcases your company so that others may learn about your business before approaching.