With the modern age of Google and a smartphone in nearly every pocket, a website is key in establishing legitimacy with potential customers. Nothing forms a positive opinion quite as fast as a properly-made website. Of course, a large of this comes down to simply being visible online – a topic covered in our previous article on Reputation Management. However, it is by no means the only factor. Once you have the attention on a consumer, communicating with them in the right way can prove your worth. But how?

  1. Introductions
    Discussing who you are and what you do goes a very long way in being trustworthy. Showing your face – whether literally or no – eases the sense of mystery behind your company. After all, it only makes sense to lean towards the familiar name you can respect than a faceless name.
  2. Keeping Up with Modern Businesses
    “Old-fashioned” doesn’t necessarily need to be a dirty word!  However, there’s little comfort in the abilities of a company that is unable to maintain a functional, professional image. An outdated website that’s a struggle to read can be bad, but a total dearth of (or even inaccurate) information is even worse. There’s little to suggest a company’s competency – it would often be worth going out of your way to avoid such a place, choosing something inconvenient, but capable of getting the job done.
  3. Letting Your Work Speak for Itself..
    Mid America Web makes functional, attractive sites. But that statement doesn’t go a very long way, when you’re reading it on the company’s site. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to.  We can safely stand by our past work, allowing visitors to see what we’ve done. No amount of words talking about our quality measures up to allowing you to judge for yourself. This could apply to your business as well! If you provide a service, why not show it?
  4. ..Or Your Customers
    Besides the portfolio, you can find the word of our own clients – from front page testimonials to social media reviews. Why not do the same? Delivering a quality product means satisfied customers. Allowing them a spot to relate their positive experiences is another instance of providing proof, rather than simply talking yourself up.
  5. Being Easy to Contact
    Making it simple to get in touch with your organization may be the simplest point of all – being able to speak with communicate with a company is important in general, but also provides more reassurance that you are willing to stand by what you do.