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    Why Are Local SEO Services So Important?

    Local SEO Brings Business to Your Website.

    Local SEO is the process of making a business & website visible in local (maps), organic, and paid search engine results for location-specific search terms (such as: Plumber in Belleville IL or Lawn Care in O’Fallon IL). These locations are typically the markets in which a business provides products or services; including the city or town the business is located in and other nearby areas.

    Local Online Marketing allows us to target nearby customers through geographical search terms. A local business will therefore be seen by customers searching for products or services offered locally to their area. This will allow a business to gain more targeted website traffic and increase your conversion rate.

    When launching a new website, it is important to make local customers aware of it’s existence. Local Online Marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your business online. Without it, a new website will be practically invisible.

    These days people depend on the internet to find information about all types of products and services. It’s now the most common way that customers seek out local businesses and has far surpassed old media such as print yellow pages and other phonebooks. If your business isn’t found in local search results, you’ll miss out on new customers. Implementing our Local Search Marketing strategies can help your business gain prominence online for future customers to see!

    Let Our SEO Experts Handle Your Website Marketing

    As a Belleville digital marketing agency we will develop an SEO strategy customized for business owners. We start out by figuring out target keywords, analyzing your social media presence. Then we come up with a strategy to help increase web traffic to your website.

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    The Benefits of Local Search Marketing

    Increased Visibilty in Search Engines & Local Maps
    Increased Brand Awareness in Targeted Markets
    Increased Local Search Traffic to Website
    Business Profiles in Top Listing & Directory Websites
    Increased Targeted Leads from Local Customers
    Consistent Business Data Across Listing & Directory Websites
    It is important to note that Local SEO is a long-term strategy and not a one-time fix. Local SEO campaigns must be continuously monitored, enhanced, and tweaked over time. This is due to fierce competition online and the fact that search engines like Google are constantly evolving and improving their complex algorithms.

    All of our Local Search Marketing work is done in-house and includes detailed reports and analysis. Our transparent approach means that you will always know exactly how well your campaign is performing. Our bottom line is: when your business succeeds, we succeed!

    Why is Local Search Marketing (SEO) valuable to your Business?


    Online experiences begin with a search engine.


    of people never scroll past the first page of search engines.


    of people perform some type of online research before making a purchase online.


    of people who search for a business nearby visit within 24 hours.

    Our Local Search Marketing Process

    As a local SEO company we utilize the latest and most effective Local Search Marketing strategies such as content marketing and keyword research to increase organic traffic to your business & website to potential customers in your city & other targeted markets.

    Location-targeted keyword strategy

    Create customer call-to-actions on website

    Identify & fix inaccurate business data on listing sites

    Create content tailored for local customers

    Increase website visibility in organic search results

    Link building from local business listings

    Develop geo-targeted website landing pages

    Target local customers with Google Ads

    Create business profiles on local listing websites

    Optimize website page speed & improve web design

    Online review monitoring & reputation management

    Setup Google and Bing business/map listings

    How long does it take to see results?

    Individual results are primarily based on market competition and chosen keywords. It also depends on your website’s situation and overall online presence prior to us starting work on your Local Search Marketing campaign. Some businesses see results in 6 months or less while others may take up to 12 months. Our goal is to drive traffic to you website through different digital marketing channels.

    We perform a thorough analysis to provide our clients with a timeframe of when to expect to see results. Local Search Marketing involves a lot of tweaking and time investment to obtain results for each industry. We make it a priority to communicate with our clients at all times to keep them informed of of our progress. 100% transparency is the key to a successful relationship with our clients.

    Do you provide a guarantee?

    Local Search Marketing is not a guaranteed science. Our service is simply an agreement to provide work for your company’s website. Google changes their search engine ranking algorithms frequently, and those changes are trade secrets of Google. We will change our strategy as Google changes their algorithm, but we cannot predict the future of Local Search Marketing or your future rankings on any search engine. (Beware – If an SEO firm is guaranteeing you search engine rankings or results, you may not be talking to a Local Search Marketing expert.)

    Do you lock clients into contracts?

    NO! The reason is simple, if we’re not getting the results you deserve, then why should you continue to pay for a service that isn’t working?

    For this reason, we do month-to-month contracts from the start of a Local Search Marketing campaign. You may cancel our service at any time, or you can upgrade or downgrade from one monthly plan to another whenever you would like. You also get to keep all the work that was implemented.

    We Include Website Care with Local Search Marketing


    Websites are no longer considered to be a “set it and forget it” part of your business. As technology evolves, website software is constantly being updated to make it more secure, faster, user friendly and more visible to search engines. Websites need to be updated just like your computer’s operating system or your smartphone software. Your website is a crucial part of your business and therefore requires extra care to make sure it continues to perform and function properly.

    We offer Website Care for clients who simply do not have the time or technical knowledge to manage their WordPress website on a regular basis. Our services allow you to focus more on Your Time, Your Resources and Your Revenue Generating Opportunities without the headache of trying to manage the website yourself! You also won’t have the hassle of having your employees take their valuable time to learn how to make updates to your site (while on your dollar) when it can just be outsourced to us. We’re sure that you just want to get things done quickly so let us do the work for you!

    Adding fresh content and information on a regular basis prevents your website from growing stagnant, improves your Local Search Marketing, and helps keep users engaged when visiting and browsing the site. Websites that contain outdated content will only push clients away to your competitors. A website is a valuable marketing tool for your company and needs regular attention to help attract new customers and give them incentive to return.

    In addition to keeping your website’s content and information updated, all of our website care plans include WordPress software updates, security monitoring, and daily backups. WordPress is a complex piece of software that needs regular updating in order to remain secure and to perform properly. Security patches are released frequently, and keeping WordPress updated is extremely important. Failure to install these updates can leave the site vulnerable to being hacked and put it’s security at risk. We do all of the technical work for you, giving you the peace of mind that your site will be operational 24/7 for your customers and users.

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