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We are well-known and respected for our civil litigation experience. Attorneys Morris Lane Harvey, Derek Baker, Chelbie Mitchell, and Kayli A. Van Houtin have stellar reputations for their backgrounds of successful representation of clients involved in hotly contested and complex cases. They have been practicing law in Southern Illinois for a combined total of 40+ years.

We put forth the effort to work with our clients through the most intricate and unique cases. We put together a specialized team of people that are specifically tailored to the issues in the case. We pull in financial planners, accountants, medical professionals, investigators, and any other professionals that may be needed to get the job done.

We represent clients in both state and federal court, as well as the state appellate courts and the Illinois Supreme Court. Our goal is not only to provide excellent legal services to clients but also help them rebuild their lives through the difficult process of litigation.

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March 7, 2022