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The Advantages of Using a Local Hosting Company

Faster Load Times for Local Visitors

Since the distance your website data needs to travel from its server has an impact on speed, the closer your customers are to that server, the better.

Better Customer Service

Have you ever tried to call a major telecom company’s customer support hotline?  I have. And I’d really appreciate those hours of my life back.


Our team monitors your business website and your email accounts for unauthorized access and other security threats like viruses and malware.

Better Search Result Rankings

When you have a local business, if you host your site in your area, it could significantly boost your Google rankings. 

Local is Simply Better

If you’re a local business, you know the value of supporting the economy of your community. Because when everyone shops locally, everyone benefits. 

Local Hosting With Mid America Web

If you’re going online with your business or organization, you will need a place to house your website for the world to see. You will also want your brand new website operating at full speed. We provide high quality WordPress website hosting services that are safe, secure, reliable and fast! We host our WordPress websites on in-house virtual servers, which assure optimal up-time, security and reliability at minimum cost to our customers. This provides you with peace of mind in knowing that your data is safe and secure at all times.

Our secure servers provide both the speed and reliability that you are seeking. Our hosting packages are customized to the individual requirements of your company’s WordPress website. We take into account potential traffic of the website, the size of the space needed and if any additional features (such as SSL certificates or MySQL databases) are required. Our robust in-house virtual servers are home to a diverse variety of businesses, schools, organizations and government entities.

Why host with Mid America Web Solutions?



Constant security monitoring ensures that your website is protected from any potential exploits.



Our monitoring of your website’s up-time and performance will give you peace of mind.

Daily Backups


Your entire website, along with all of its pieces, parts and database is automatically backed up daily!

Technical Support


Support provided by a dedicated server technician and on-site web developers.

Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Managed WordPress Hosting Featured Services

WordPress Websites

WordPress Updates

WordPress is just like any other form of software and needs to be kept current with the latest version to avoid security vulnerabilities. We do monthly checks and apply the latest updates for you.


Plugin Updates

WordPress plugins power all of the necessary features and functions of your website. Frequent updates are released for plugins to ensure maximum security and compatibility with the latest version of WordPress.


Theme Updates

The base theme and framework we use to build the layout and design of your website periodically needs to be updated to guarantee maximum security and compatibility and with the latest version of WordPress.


SSL Security Certificate

SSL security certificates have become a website standard and are recommended by Google. Having one installed on your website will give your users peace of mind in knowing that your website is safe and trustworthy.

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    From Our Clients

    Lindsey Middendorf
    Lindsey Middendorf
    Chris Long did an amazing job building our website and helping our organization enter the 21st century. It is aesthetically pleasing, organized, and user friendly. He was great to work with and quick with a response on all of our questions and suggestions. I would highly recommend Mid America Web Solutions!
    District 19
    District 19
    Chris helped us with our new website and did an amazing job!
    Brad Garland
    Brad Garland
    We had the best experience with Chris Long at Mid America Web Solutions! He revamped our My Tutor Driving School webpage to make it cell-phone friendly, as well as updating all of our programs to make our web page much more user friendly. He was always available for questions, and his responses were quick and easy to follow. I highly recommend Chris and his company for all of your webpage needs!
    Pierce Law Firm
    Pierce Law Firm
    What a great company! Quick and friendly help to get my website up and running.
    Don Eudy
    Don Eudy
    Could not be happier with the service I have received from this company. They just did a redesign on our website to make it mobile friendly and it looks/works better than I could have hoped for. Excellent customer service as well. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for any of the services they offer.
    Roger Relfe
    Roger Relfe
    As a reasonably competent user of my computer I had no idea what was involved in the production of a website. Laura, and her team, accepted my limited skills with grace and proceeded to go through a series of algorithms, by asking the right questions of me and, my more computer savvy AdministratorThe processes evolved in a logical manner with minimum “pain” and a lot of education relevant to what we were trying to achieve. “Silly” questions were answered readily and, adaptations were incorporated as we realized what was available. Downsides and limitations of various aspects of the process were also explained.While we were fairly well prepared with scripts, photos were obtained in short order , by Laura’s team, and within a week of having those the site was “live”. Subsequent work to get the best Google search results were handled well, and we are very pleased with the end results.Quodos to Laura and her team for achieving the results we required well within a one month deadline we had established. We would highly recommend her, and her team, if you are considering creating a website, as there are many “trip wires” in the process that we would have never thought to ask by using other options available on the internet and elsewhere: buyer beware!
    Chris Spohn
    Chris Spohn
    Laura did a fantastic job navigating us through the development of the restaurant website. We appreciated her attention to detail while she kept us on point throughout the entire process. Her creative insight was refreshing. Finally, we continue to receive numerous compliments on Pezzettinokc website!!!! Laura deserves a strong commendation for her authenticity.Regards,Chris & Annie Spohn (Owners)