Web Directory & Reputation Management is another service offered by Mid America Web, and at first glance, it may seem a bit confusing to those unfamiliar with the process. For what this service is and how we accomplish it, you can read an explanation on the service page, as linked above. Today, we’ll elaborate on why it’s so important, using our own website as an example:



Say someone were to search for Web Design in Belleville. Thanks to SEO, this criteria accurately points to our business, making it easy to locate.
However, sometimes there can be listings or reviews that are outside of your control. If a mistake has been made, or a third-party has posted your information before you had, this can (and often does) mean incorrect details.

At some point you’ve likely made an online search looking for a business, only to see multiple copies of the same location with different details, unsure which listing to trust. Or worse, you may have found yourself calling the number provided, or visiting the location listed, only to discover you were given inaccurate information!

The consequences of these mistakes are worse than simply confusing a customer intending to visit or contact you – it can mean losing that entirely. Furthermore, these directories don’t just end with major search engines. These third-parties, often automated processes or simply confused customers, can provide misleading statements in many other places, such as Yelp.  If you had found yourself looking for a bakery, and are misdirected, chances are you’d simply move onto another bakery rather than continue searching site after site. Through no fault of their own, the credibility of this business’s information is less reliable.
Our service doesn’t simply end with correcting inaccurate information and protecting your online reputation. With Web Directory & Reputation Management Services, we’ll work to prevent it in the first place, continually keeping your information current across the web, in any appropriate spot. We’ll also make sure to establish trust and a positive presence with your customers, by managing and responding to reviews.