Facebook, Google+, and other social media are commonly seen and stated to be invaluable tools for attracting customers. But what exactly does that mean? It’s important to consider the benefits of taking advantage of social media for everyday businesses.


Visibility and Reach

As of January 2014, 74% of Americans have a social media account – the latest figure of a steady, ongoing rise. Facebook alone reports over 1.44 billion active usersas of March 31st, 2015. With such an enormous chunk of the population, social media is a uniquely widespread platform to engage and attract potential customers. Not to mention: it’s easier to be found in the first place. Your page won’t just show up while searching on the site, it can be found on various search engines. Your presence will be more more clear to the general public.


More Direct Engagement

Posting announcements means being a consistent part of your followers’ feeds. It’s a more personal way to keep up to date, keeping your existing fans up to date. Additionally, it provides a way for users to review your business or respond to a post, where others can see. Complaints or praise can be responded to and addressed individually, showing a commitment and connection to the customers that can be trusted. Maintaining that connection with regular updates will go a long way towards promoting yourself, both keeping yourself in the public eye, and being more likely to attract those who would have never seen your company otherwise.



On a similar note, every time a person likes your business or makes a comment, it will become visible to all of the people they’re connected to, friends and family alike. The endorsement or recommendation of your business to someone close to you. Word-of-mouth can be spread online much more quickly, to a larger group.


Sharing Basic Information

Before making any sort of sale, it’s, of course, important to communicate who you are. With a filled profile, you’ll appear to anyone looking for the service you provide, share your location and phone number, and more. Need to find a nearby hardware store? Simply pulling out a smartphone and searching will give you the information to find one. Using social media is another way to ensure you’ll be a prominent presence for those searching.


Your Competition

For all the reasons listed above, it’s important to utilize social media marketing in order to compete with, and gain an edge over competitors. If you lack the profile that your competitor has, you run the risk of being overshadowed in the public eye. If a competitor has not yet created a social media page, you have the ability to increase your visibility dramatically.