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Your website is potentially one of the most valuable assets your business has; however, often times business owners don’t use their website to its fullest potential. In this article we discuss reasons you should update your site with new information. Of course there are other kinds of updates you or your web developer should make to your site periodically. But adding new and updated information is one of the easiest ways to keep your website engaging, relevant and informative… not to mention up-to-date and free from old and incorrect information.

We at Midamerica Web encourage you to take a fresh look at your website today to see if all your information is as current as it should be. If it isn’t, and you would like to discuss how we can help with changes to your website design, content, functionality, search engine optimization or other web-related issues, please call us at: 618-355-5000


Why You Should Update Your Website


1. Things are not the same as they were last year.

Update Business Information During CovidThings have changed! You can say that again! Is anything the same as it was last year?!!! Ok, let’s get the prerequisite COVID-19 stuff out of the way. Like almost everyone else, you’re probably doing some (or all aspects) of your business differently than you did before. You might have new hours, new ways of serving customers, new procedures as a result of the global pandemic. Your website is the place to let people know how things have changed and how they can still utilize your services even during these trying times.

But pandemic aside, this is a great time to take a look at all the content on your website: photos, text and descriptions of products and services. What has changed with your business, and how would you like your business website to reflect what’s new? Maybe you’d like your business website to do a better job of informing potential customers about exciting new products or services that you offer! Possibly you would like to share some of your recent projects.


2. You have a wealth of interesting information to share.

Most business owners could talk for hours at a time about what it is they do. But often times their website doesn’t convey their expertise. Many websites simply list the facts in the most basic (and boring) way. And while there is something to be said for clarity and directness without a lot of fluff, there is also a time and a place where a business website can branch out and connect in a more personal way with your website visitors.

Many companies have found that adding a News or Blog section to their website allows them to connect in a more direct and informal way with their clients. Conveying your personal excitement about the work you do is a great way to engage and earn the trust of your audience.


3. You could probably give some good advice.

You’re an expert in a field that your customers or potential customers are interested in. Think back over some of the useful and productive interactions you have had with your clients since you last updated your website.

What interesting questions have you been recently been asked to provide your expertise on? What questions do customers ask again and again? A “Frequently Asked Questions” page is a good way to get the information your customers are seeking out to them. It’s an excellent way to display your expertise, and it’s a great place to start adding relevant content to your website.


4. A picture is worth 1000 words.

Add Photos Of Your Products to Your WebsiteMaybe you’re not a wordsmith… but you’re pretty good with a camera. Adding a photo gallery to your website is a great way to communicate the quality and attention to detail you give to your work or products.

Photo-sharing social media accounts such as Pinterest or Instagram are great places to share your images. People love to look at pictures of things they’re interested in. Add a caption to explain what they’re seeing and you’re on your way to connecting with an audience who wants what you’ve got! You can also incorporate social media feeds into your website so that what you post on Facebook or Instagram instantly shows up on your website.


5. A video is worth 1000 pictures.

Use Video on your Business WebsiteOr, something like that. Look, making a video is as easy as taking a picture these days and although it might be a little more involved than just pointing and clicking, it’s worth it when it comes to increasing customer engagement.

By posting a short video of you doing your work or answering a question or even just saying hello and welcoming people to your website, you connect with prospective clients in a way that allows them to get to know you as a person.

By creating a YouTube account and  regularly updating your videos you gain access to your clients in ways that may help you out perform your competition simply because they feel as though they know and trust you. More than ever, business is about forming and maintaining relationships, and video offers you a great way to do this.


6. You have something to sell.

Ecommerce Websites in Belleville IL and St LouisConsider adding an e-commerce component to your website. Sometimes people know what they want, and they want it now – even if your business is closed for the day. Giving clients the opportunity to order something from you right now is the ultimate functionality of a website. Let Midamerica Web set up an e-commerce option on your website. We make it simple. People order what they want, their credit card is charged and you get an order in the form of an email. You can literally earn money while you sleep!


7. A new post on your website gives you something to share.

Adding new articles, photo galleries, videos or products on your website make for the most meaningful “shares” on social media! As soon as you update your website with a new product or service you are instantly creating “news” that you can post on your social media accounts. Pretty soon your Facebook friends will be sharing your updates for you with their friends. When someone you know and trust shares a business’s post you are more likely to consider it and trust it. Turn your Facebook or Instagram followers into a trusted salesforce and let your website content work for you!


8. Google likes when you post something new.

Updating your website not only keeps its content fresh for your visitors, it actually makes your site healthier in Google’s eyes. The most powerful search engine in the world (Google) loves updated and relevant information. The art and science of making your website rank higher than your competitors in search engine results has a name: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Adding relevant content to your site is important if you want to aim for #1 in Google searches.

Midamerica Web can explain how carefully targeting the right Keyword Searches and then adding a variety of content to your website can improve your website’s visibility when potential customers are searching for products, services or information.


9. New information on your website gives people a reason to visit.

Help Your Customers with Your Updated WebsiteNew content on your website is a great way to keep people returning to your site for updates on new products or services they are interested in. It allows you to capture their attention on social media and link them back to your website where you can present them with calls to action inviting them to contact you, purchase your products or services or engage with you in other ways.


10. Updating your website is not difficult to do.

To write a news article for your website, just answer the questions: Who? What? Where? Why? When? Add a couple photos into the mix and you’ve created a business update worthy of including in your website’s News section.

Another great way to come up with content for your website is to list frequently asked questions and then answer them. You know, the ones you are repeatedly answering for your clients. Pick one and answer it in the form of an article. Answer it in a video for extra credit!

Write a how-to article. If customers would find some information about the best ways to use your products valuable, why not write an instructional article telling them how to get the most out of it. You can also write articles about how to select a product or other information that will help them and gain their trust.

Ok, so you don’t think of yourself as a wordsmith… Midamerica Web offers copywriting services as part of our comprehensive Search Engine Optimization offerings. It’s as simple as setting up an appointment with our Web team and we’ll work out a plan to add new content to your website monthly or more often. Call us at: 618-355-5000